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Jurassic Park is Microgaming’s latest franchise and it promises to be a prehistoric roar. Just as the Terminator II game that has become incredibly popular in the last few months, Jurassic Park promises to deliver on an authentic blockbuster experience that few other games are able to match. However, does this game deliver on its promises or is it nothing more than a few dusty fossils? We will explore the island a little further and let you know…

Great ways to win

Even though a great looking game is fun, most gamers only care about one thing: winning. Those who play Jurassic Park are not going to be disappointed in that department either. There are 243 different ways that you are able to win in Jurassic Park and there are several different winning combinations.

It is also important to note that players are able to trigger the Free Spin Bonus feature with the three, four, or five Scatters symbols. Even with a relatively modest bet, it is possible to win big in Jurassic Park. However, after playing for a while it would be recommended to always bet the maximum – you would hate to see the jackpot of 95,000 pass you by! Are you getting excited about the game? We certainly are! You can also play to another recent version of the slot, called Jurassic World. Find these games and more available on sites such as and get started!

Amazing visuals

Even though the Jurassic Park hype about the movie might have died down a bit (the movie DID come out in 1993), the game is going to remind people of how amazing those visuals were at the time. The sounds and artistic representation used in the Jurassic Park game is going to add to the experience.

Perhaps even better is the fact that the ominous T-Rex alert does not mean that you are snack food for a large dinosaur, it means that you are able to win a great deal of money with 35 additional Wild symbols. When the game hits in August of this year, we know that people are going to be impressed.

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